I can’t formulate coherent thoughts on Amazon so I’m just going to repost things.




The LARB has assured me that they have been working to get this sorted out for six weeks, and that they will soon have it fixed. Thanks folks. Meanwhile I took a screencap of the problem, you know, to speed things along. That is a rather strange CSS class to have built, but then I’m no designer so what do I know.

I guess the point is, if you are right and there is a contractual tie here, that’s not something they can up and break this afternoon. We don’t know, in short, if this tie is time-limited or even related to this grant they received. These are questions it seems to me important to answer in order to get the problem actually fixed. 

Oh of course. And were that the case I think the more important issue would become that these grants might be predicated on ties beyond just feelings of gratitude. But LARB seems to be saying that that is not at all the case, and I’m not claiming otherwise.